Business managment systems

Our system is closely related to legal and business environment. We develop our system every day according to valid requirements

Custom IT

Over 3 000 business and public companies and organizations use our advanced IT solutions

We work with large data amounts

  • Easy to learn to use
  • Easy and fast migration from other systems
  • You pay only for the functionality you use

We reduce administration costs

We reduce the cost of human resource management and salary calculation by 20%

We reduce the cost accounting and business management systems by 10%

Designed for business development

20 different program modules for your business development

9 different business sectors served by our specialists

Our results in numbers

Our software is used by more than 500 000 users

More than 3000 software units were sold and installed


Customer support

Consultations, technical and methodical support, situation analysis. Write us in Your convenient time and We will find most appropriate solution.

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Products, who adapt to the changing business environment

Exclusive attention to privacy and data security

Accounting and payroll software

Edrana Baltic business model is based on newest technologies, simplicity and Client orientation.

We sincerely thank our over 100 employees and 3000 clients – business companies and public entities for being confident with “Edrana Baltic” systems.

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  • Institution projects
  • Sales accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Service managment
  • Contract creation
  • Personnel management
  • Reports & Reminders
  • Compensation managment
  • Production planner
  • Work schedules
  • Vacation planning



Aldona Lukošienė

General director

Arvydas Turonis

Gen. director deputy Programming department director

Jūratė Mikėnienė

Project management department director

Rasa Kubiliūtė

ERP projects management department manager

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